Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Cardiac Sarcoidosis services offered in San Fernando Valley, Encino, CA

Telltale signs of a heart issue like chest pain or fainting could point to cardiac sarcoidosis, a condition that causes areas of inflammation on the heart muscle. At Cardiac PET Partners we offer testing and monitoring services for cardiac sarcoidosis including heart PET scans. Learn more about cardiac sarcoidosis and its risks by calling Cardiac PET Partners or booking an appointment online today.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis Q & A

What is cardiac sarcoidosis?

Cardiac sarcoidosis is a condition of the heart that causes many small collections of immune cells to gather on the heart muscle. These collections of cells cause small areas of inflammation across your heart called granulomas, which interfere with the healthy function of your heart. 

Sarcoidosis can happen throughout your body, but it has a particular effect on your heart. There are many possible complications of untreated cardiac sarcoidosis, including arrhythmias and heart failure, or other equally serious problems. 

It’s very important to get a professional diagnosis for sarcoidosis so you can manage the condition and avoid such complications. Treatment also helps alleviate any symptoms you get with the condition.

What are the symptoms of cardiac sarcoidosis?

Before it causes diagnosable complications, cardiac sarcoidosis can lead to many symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore. While a test can confirm or rule out cardiac sarcoidosis as their cause, you should seek medical care if you experience:

  • Palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • An irregular heartbeat
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting 
  • Swelling in the legs

Problems with your heart are often urgent, especially if they’re causing symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath. It’s best to seek emergency care if you believe something is wrong with your heart.

Which tests can help diagnose cardiac sarcoidosis?

Cardiac PET Partners provides the testing you need to determine if you have cardiac sarcoidosis. Various imaging tests and other tests can give you plenty of valuable information about your heart and its function. For cardiac sarcoidosis, you might need a cardiac PET scan at Cardiac PET Partners.

A cardiac PET scan produces a detailed image of your heart and shows its biomechanical function. After the 25- to 35-minute test, your provider at Cardiac PET Partners informs you of the results and their implications for your treatment. 

When you come in for a PET scan, you can expect to lie down on a platform as your provider administers medications through an intravenous (IV) line. They also place padded electrodes on your chest to monitor the electrical activity of your heart during the test. 

You also get a radiopharmaceutical through the IV line, which helps the PET scan capture clear images. 

Get a diagnosis for cardiac sarcoidosis or monitor your condition by calling Cardiac PET Partners or booking an appointment online today.